My role at CBS Sports Network was a creatively charged endeavor where I was entrusted with the exciting responsibility of designing 3D assets for the Jim Rome on-air packaging. This project was not just about visuals; it was a testament to the dynamic synergy between Jim Rome's audacious sports commentary and the CBS brand.
Our mission was clear: to craft a visual campaign that seamlessly blended Jim's distinctive approach to sports commentary with the prominent CBS identity. This required a delicate balance, where the vibrant and bold personality of Jim Rome harmonized with the strength and prominence of the CBS brand.
Our strategy was to create a visually cohesive platform that didn't just showcase the content but also encapsulated the spirit of the show. The use of 3D model characters played a pivotal role in bringing Jim Rome's persona to life in a three-dimensional space. These 3D models weren't just static figures; they were dynamic, embodying the energy and excitement that characterizes Jim's commentary.
In essence, the 3D assets were more than just graphics; they were the visual storytellers of the Jim Rome Show. They brought the charisma and enthusiasm of Jim to the forefront and ensured that the CBS brand was organically integrated, creating a compelling, immersive experience for the viewers. My role in this endeavor was a thrilling journey of creativity, where we transformed ideas into vibrant 3D realities that encapsulated the spirit of Jim Rome's bold sports commentary, while proudly showcasing the CBS brand.
As a member of the creative team behind "Inside College Basketball," rotoscoping original footage was a primary aspect of my work, enabling us to seamlessly integrate dynamic and captivating visuals into the show's identity.
Beyond the technical precision of rotoscoping, I seized the opportunity to infuse the on-air packaging with a spirit of innovation and playfulness. Experimenting with digital mixed media was a creative journey that added an exciting layer to the show's opening. Through the fusion of digital elements and media sources, we meticulously crafted a visually captivating and profoundly engaging title sequence that captured the essence of "Inside College Basketball."
Here are some of the on-air end pages we worked on:
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