Jeffrey Valenzuela is a visual designer and photographer specializing in lifestyle, event, and fashion campaigns, as well as portrait photography. His work offers a sincere and authentic perspective, challenging common visual misconceptions. Rooted in a lifelong passion, his artistic evolution now aims to employ creative aesthetics, prompting viewers to discover the world through fresh, innovative lenses.
At a young age, Valenzuela discovered the power of art. The intangible elements of life found a way to manifest into visual forms that allowed people to share their universally resonating experiences. He was inspired to create his own artistic language as a means to share his own journey. On a mission to improve the manners in which he told these stories, he studied at SUNY Oswego where he received his Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Now based in New York, Valenzuela has become known for his distinct aesthetic that responds to the essence of his subjects as they interact with their environment. He embraces a sense of cultural diffusion, taking from his youth and hometown by integrating imaginative elements of a Caribbean aesthetic with the vibrant energy of New York City. Valenzuela has worked with prominent personalities and organizations with clients including Nike, Universal Music, Harlem's Fashion Row, Infiniti USA, and Roc Nation.
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